Creative energy expands your perspective and encourages you to embrace sustainable change

Change starts with awareness


People are what matters most in business. So do their beliefs.
Beliefs are formed by experiences. Voices, images and sounds of the environment shape our perception of the world. Sometimes we narrow the lens to ‘protect’ our familiar perceptions. But sometimes we need to change our perspective – to embrace experiences outside of this lens.

Shakespeare applied leads to dedicated narratives that inspire dialogue and scenario thinking for sustainable futures.

Shakespeare’s allegories allude to recognizable representations of everyday life and are built on a ‘plan’ that can be employed to perceive a patterned mirroring between the allegory and the sustainability challenge at stake. This mirroring exercise procreates the articulation of organizational challenges, an understanding of roles and motives of actors involved, the notion of plural perspectives and their dynamic correlation over time, and the anticipation of sustainability narratives for organizational learning. The ‘plan’ on which Shakespeare’s plays are based is an immanent cyclical pattern of affirmative and adversative value orientations, whose disintegration engenders unsustainable tendencies, which finds support in recent sustainability theory. Analysis of the nature and effect of these combined value orientations becomes an instrument to recognize values worthy of pursuit and implement these in the learning process.