Meet us

Dr. Iris Casteren van Cattenburch

“I am intrigued by the vast possibilities of technology and biology and concerned with the human dimension of changing space.”

Dr. Iris Casteren van Cattenburch is an independent communications strategist, speaker and academic researcher, holding an MA in English Literature and Culture (1996) and a PhD in Shakespeare and sustainability from Utrecht University (2015).

As a communications professional, she has twenty-year experience in the mobility, logistics and construction industry, the public sector, water management and sustainability.

As a postdoctoral research affiliate at Utrecht University, she has developed a method to employ Shakespeare for sustainability in business, in collaboration with GovernEUR, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her method Shakespeare applied helps individuals and organisations to re-think their sustainability challenges, which primarily need realizing our futures in a more inclusive way. Iris thinks, writes and speaks on the reciprocity between sustainability and the arts.

Dr. Michael Duijn

Dr. Michael Duijn, senior researcher Erasmus University Rotterdam, learning history specialist.

Dr. Mike Duijn is an expert in learning history methodology and and a senior researcher Policy and Management Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His primal research interests are sustainable development, environmental awareness, climate change and water resource management. He is Iris’s co-developer of the method to employ Shakespeare for sustainability in business.

Moos d'Herripon, MA

Moos d’Herripon, MA director and choreographer, specialist in theatre education.

Iris and Mike combine their theoretical background with the practical coaching skills of choreographer and director Moos d’Herripon, an expert in drama, theatre education and serious gaming. Moos sees physical action as a form of physical communication. The motto of dance pioneer Martha Graham reverberates throughout Moos’s work: “Movement never lies”.

Mette Bouhuijs

Mette Bouhuijs, director

Mette Bouhuijs joined the Shakespeare applied team in 2019. She graduated from the Toneelschool Amsterdam in 1977 as a director. She started her career at De Scholengroep van Toneelgroep Centrum. In 1980 she received the Albert van Dalsum prize for her productions with this small group. At the same time, her career at Toneelgroep Centrum began with new, previously unreleased, works by Dutch authors such as Ton Vorstenbosch, Guus Vleugel and Paul Haenen. Invited by the VPRO Mette followed a course in film and television making, which was the launch of recordings of pieces by Centrum.

In the Stadsschouwburg, she initiated a new tradition: one-act plays of one author, during an entire season. Mette Bouhuijs directed 6 one-act plays of Harold Pinter, who permitted her to film all of them. Dozens of productions followed at Het Nederlands Toneel Gent, Ro theater and for free producers, projects and lessons at the Amsterdam Theater School, films and television series commissioned by the VPRO and the NPS. For her tragicomedy Loenatik she received the Cine Kid award twice.

Kaja Pohlmann

Kaja Pohlmann, producer, concept developer and dramaturge.

Iris and Kaja have collaborated for more than twenty years in which Iris’
projections and views inspire Kaja’s practical disposition to develop and
produce interesting programmes and solutions. Kaja Pohlmann is a
dramaturge, a concept developer of group working methods and a producer of
(cultural) events.

Erik van Plateringen

Erik van Plateringen, film maker and dramaturge.

Erik van Plateringen is responsible for all Shakepeare Applied videos. Erik
started as a theatre director and video editor and specialized in making
inspirational portraits of people and organizations. When filming live action, he
is like a fly on the wall, which results in honest and natural stories.

Every decision that matters in business requires some level of risk. Shakespeare applied helps you make decisions that sustain long-term success.