For a refreshing perspective on your daily concerns and pressing business, grounded in the 400-year-old works of a globally respected artist

Hold the mirror up to nature

Playing Shakespeare applied

Shakespeare applied helps you with personal and professional sustainability challenges. Looking in the allegorical mirror, you not only see yourself, but also what and who moves next to, above, below and behind you – and why. That insight is the basis for fruitful communication.

To play is to represent reality, as if you ‘hold up the mirror to nature’. In that mirror you see both the virtues and the vices, which challenge the perspective of your time and place. With these words, Hamlet describes the power of allegory. To broaden your vision, to understand someone else’s vision, to become aware of your own role and strength in the much larger sphere of influence of the world in which we work and live.


workshop Shakespeare applied to Mainfreight Europe

workshop Shakespeare applied to Mainfreight Europe

  • Step 1: intake

    Defining the learning issue

  • Step 2: prepare

    Text analysis and framing

  • Step 3: prepare

    Allocation actors ; Gaming questions

  • Step 4: prepare

    Prepping the sessions

  • Step 5: session #1

    Introducing Shakespeare & allocation game; Learning issue

  • Step 6: session #2

    Playing shakespeare applied

  • Step 7: session #3

    Reflection on results of the game

  • Step 8: deliverable

    Shakespeare applied