Playing Shakespeare applied widens your perspective and gives you an insight in the changes you need to make to make your business, organization or process more sustainable. Read the stories of four customers here:

  • As you start talking, I always wonder where you’re going. Then, at a certain moment, it suddenly clicks. Your approach to Shakespeare and sustainability makes me think differently. It trains my brain, because it’s unconventional, and I like that. You invite me to take a step outside of my own business, so I can reflect on my business from a fresh point of view, urging me to think of relevant connections and to find new inspiration.

    Liane Philipsen
    Liane Philipsen Mainfreight Europe
  • Use Shakespeare in a presentation about the value chain for a group of logistics coordinators and they will be attentive, because they just don’t expect that. Then show them that Shakespeare worked with recognisable patterns, and they will be wide awake. They will be prepared to think of more sustainable ways of organising their business. You have shown us that there’s nothing new under the sun, only that we tend to forget about that. Didn’t Shakespeare write: ‘All the world’s a stage’? That’s a cliché, but it’s true. If you see that, you can lift yourself, and take on a wider perspective, so you can make long-term decisions, preferably together. That’s what happens in Lean and Green. And Shakespeare helps to acknowledge our arena of transition.

    Frans van den Boomen
    Frans van den Boomen OPEN Value Chain
  • I think that people like to work with Shakespeare in the way you suggest, because these parallels tell them a lot about who they are and what they value. Still it’s not scary: they don’t have to identify with the characters of the play, because a play is not a mathematic, self-evident model; it’s true to life.

    Mark Haverlach
    Mark Haverlach Interface Netherlands
  • Our conversations and your presentations on Shakespeare also led to the insight that much has been thought and written, apparently, to be discovered and rediscovered, simply because we’ve been there before. History cannot repeat itself, but we can recognise analogies, and be sensible. If we don’t want to relive the fourteenth century, we should make high demands on the quality of the decisions we make. It helps to rethink our value system, and take responsibility for it together. We need independent thinkers, and we need co-operation, because we cannot leave it to politics. I agree with you that Shakespeare can help, and I think that many other writers, philosophers and musicians can help, too, because they capture our emotions. Let’s use them to find new routes. As we go, I like to keep asking myself the question: how can we develop Lean and Green, and what can we learn from everything that has been written before? That question is important to keep each other alert at why we do what we do.

    Nico Anten
    Nico Anten Connekt

Every decision that matters in business requires some level of risk. Shakespeare applied helps you make decisions that sustain long-term success.