Continuous improvement of your business strategy and your role in it are key to healthy businesses and balanced people.

‘for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’


Sustainability, technological innovation and subsequently decision or policymaking are inherently abstract and complex concepts. To make them more insightful, they are often referred to as ‘games’ in which actors play roles. By mirroring Shakespeare’s allegorical narratives to your sustainability, business leaders can play an ‘allocation game’ to help them anticipate new business strategies and organizational learning.

The applicability of Shakespeare’s works as a method for anticipating 21st century sustainability debates and organizational learning has scientific support. Shakespeare applied builds on PhD research on the reciprocity of Shakespeare and sustainability, completed by Dr. Iris Casteren van Cattenburch at Utrecht University in 2015. With Dr. Mike Duijn from Erasmus University, Iris developed a method to apply Shakespeare to sustainability problems in complex processes. They collaborate with directors Moos d’Herripon and Mette Bouhuijs for the workshops, supported by dramaturge Kaja Pohlmann and film maker Erik van Plateringen.

The method is rooted in futures studies, sustainability theory, gamification and action-based learning.